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Rusty Silo v2.0

I plan to build a rusted up old Silo that I can use in my Necromunda/Skirmish games.

I already have one that I made a year or so ago, but my painting skills have come a long way since then and it no longer matches the scenery that I now make - so, I (and a few friends) decided than rather repaint it, I should make a brand new version of it - a Version2.0 if you like.

Here is a rather crude photo of the original (the light here right now is awful as I have a sunrise beaming it way into my apartment >.< ) so you can see the kind of look I'm going for.

The new one will have a lot of little extras on it, although will follow the basic theme of the original one.

Image: 20140509235508

I'll be sure to include something 'Hannah' related on it too!

Ok, an update! I have some of the Materials that I needed for this build and my summer holidays have just started (although, my daughters Playschool/kindergarten is still on) so I have a little more free time now.

Here is the middle floor - it is cereal packet card, I have cut out some holes - it will be sat on top of a CD. The hole in the middle is for the above 'silo/can' to sit in.

The Middle Floor

Next, I am cutting gauze of some kind (it was left over from some building work at school) It's very flexible, like a fabric, so I need to be careful with it.

Cutting the gauze to make grating

Lastly, here is what it looks like from the other side, with all the gauze/grating in place.

All gauzed up and ready to go!

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

...and, here is the very top part - made to be some kind of ventilation unit. It is a milk bottle top, with 3 whiteboard marker pen lids with some small tubing. I'll be adding some more 'bits' to it later - for now it is drying.

Very top of the Silo

Not a massive update - but I have been doing a few things:-

Main Body of the Silo

I have used two Aluminium cans of 'Sting Dau' (It's a cross between Redbull and Strawberry Soda, very popular here in VN) - I have added some Cereal Packet Card to make some supports on the side.

Yes, I know the vertical supports don't quite meet up, that's ok as another bit will be going over the top, so it'll be hidden.

I've included a Normal 330ml Can of Coke so you can see the scale, as the cans I used are an unusual size (I never remember seeing this shape and size in the UK) They are the same width, but a little shorter.

Next up: add some 'X' to two of the sides and make ladder (and perhaps a door, not decided on that yet)

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

No updates of any substance for a while - so here is my latest (currently sat drying on my balcony, you can see the elastic bands holding it together!)

...with all the uprights in place

Again, used the cereal card to make the 'X' and the parts hiding all the holes (you can see on the post above).

In Hindsight, I won't add all of the extra bits separately next time, I'll just make a frieze of the entire thing and just wrap it around the cylinder.

Next up this morning, I'll start to add the Rivets.

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

So, I decided that I should have some kind of door on the top level (can't be on the bottom level, all the scum and zombies will get in!) leading into, wherever these kind of places go to (in game, it would be be a great "Vents" location)

With pencil sketches and the 'finished' item.

As you can see, I did a quick pencil doodle of roughly what I wanted the door to look like, then, made a scale pic of the 2 separate layers needed for it.

The Base layer (ie, the actual door) has been cut in half to further accentuate the gap between the closing door, I did toy with the idea of just using a Biro and making a groove, but decided that it'd be too rounded and not deep enough, so I cut it.

Above is the finished door, ready to be attached to the side of one of the Silos.

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Door and Rivets.

Silos nearly ready for painting

Just one more thing to add, a Ladder up the side (opposite the door) - unless anyone can think of anything else?

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

djmothra said:

...unless anyone can think of anything else?

Pipes? I mean, silos are bulk storage units so there is usually a way to get the bulk product in and out. A container for liquids would have various pipes and a grain silo would have augers and conveyors. Stick a few bits to the top and maybe add a safety rail or fence and you're golden.

ooh, Conveyors! I like that a lot!

And yes, I was planning on some kind of fence on the ground, not quite figured out how to do it yet though.

Thanks Tob! Smile

djmothra said:

unless anyone can think of anything else?

A few steps leading up to the door perhaps.

extraevildave said:

A few steps leading up to the door perhaps.

Yes, some kind of ladder style rung to stand on - in fact, just like these I have done (well, did last night, pics taken this morning)

Ladder Rungs up the side of the silo walls (opposite the door, the remaining 'blank' bit of silo will be covered in posters)

Close up of silos showing the ladders

They were made using Office Staples (not sure of the size - I can find out if people want) and the ink tube part of a Biro pen (a broken one, ink all gone).
Chopped up the biro into small parts, then using PVA glue, put a little on the end of the staple and then inserted it into the small biro bit.
Worked with the silo on its side, so gravity does the work of adhering it (and left overnight)

All the bits to make the ladders

Next up, some pipes up the side.

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

A few additions to my Silo:

First and second pic, the Silo from both sides - I've added 2 pipes - one going up half the height and the other going to the top - rather than use bendy drinking straws, I cut the straws at 45degs and made a 90deg bend (it's not perfect, but still better than looking like a drinking straw still!
Also added a few gubbins to the build - some kind of liquid level meter at the bottom (the small white thing on a bulkhead) and the top of a pencil lead box next to the door as some kind of opening handle.
Added a DV cultist so you can get an idea of scale.

Silo from the Ladder side

Silo from the Door side

Silo from the top

I know the ladder doesn't quite match up Brick wall's a feature...yes that's it, a feature *nods*


The small bit of clear plastic looks like it'd make a great source lighting object - perhaps some kind of generator that is glowing internally - depends how much time I have.

Get some more detail on the base - needs texturing and a small slab of Art board as a concrete step under the door and rung.

A Small pool of 'goo' under the small outlet pipe next to the ladder.

An additional Ladder rung between the two levels.

Some extra pipes that are internal and can only be seen where the two levels join.

A little more detail on the top level - some rivets and a hatch (on both sides, the underside looks a little bland.

Oh...and painting!!!! Laughing

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Added a small 'crater' which the 'goo' will be in, directly under the outlet pipe and the door now has a few steps going up to it.

The crater is made from Reeves Modelling Paste and the steps just simple 3mm ArtBoard.

Pool for the Goo and steps

Eagle eyed viewers might notice that the base CD is different - the original one had a very slight curve in it so it didn't sit flat on the ground - so i ripped it off and used a flat one.

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Apologies for the odd angle - this is the underside of the top level - it's like this as it's drying right now.

Made some I-Beams using card and 3mm Artboard.

Showing the the I-Beams on the underside

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

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