Iron Kingdoms fluff (Privateer Press) and a 'Gears of War' inspired this idea years ago. These sketches have been tormenting me for...two years, now. Rolling Eyes

Cryxian cages would make the ideal candidates for rusty disrepair, as they are the faction of undead wickedness. Of course, the Menites (who are about the same -just living and snappy dressers), could use these for heretic holding tanks. ...I could probably rationalize use for any faction.

Thulsa Doom would be jealous

'Not sure how to include Hannah, unless I place a miniature of a little girl inside one.

If you make them with the Menite theme you could make the upper support in the shape of the Menoth cross.

Image from

A Menofix! -Yes! Applause Thanks for the idear! -Consider it acquired!

As I often lapse into challenging myself with re-purposing (n.b. the "You know there's a terrain-builder in the house when..." thread), these propane tank caps ensnared my thoughts. Embarassed

just add action!

Evolution of a prison cage, continues: With a dust mask on, the raised letters 'PROPANE', on the tops, earned rotary tool attention; the tails also had to go.

just like homo sapiens...

Smile Moving right along...

I love my rotary hand punch! -It brings out the rivet head side of me. Smile Some cages were left with a little bit of tail. The idea is to let these editions set on the ground secured to a . . . something. Tabs on the inside were snipped back a little bit and secured the granny grating (fitted, extracted, traced, cut, replaced).

granny doesn't need another potholder

Surprised More ideas? (Makes it stop, Precious!)

oh, the places to go!
To round out the IK representation, perhaps a rusty, old prison barge with a Cygnus could make an appearance.... Laughing

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