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Rusty Junk Pile

I've decided to make another entry, mainly as this one will be very quick, I have all the parts I need for it already and (probably the most important) I didn't go out last night, so I'm hangover free and full of enthusiasm!

I'm going to make a junk pile of various bits and pieces - it'll be used for my skirmish games (so 30mm scale)

First Off - the main parts I'm going to use: as you can see, It'll be based on a standard CD (Don't worry, It's an awful pirated copy of The Pacific that I 'borrowed' from a student) Some PVC Pipes for plumbing (again, taken from Students after they had a water rocket competition at school) some bits of plastic - a case for retractable pencil lead, a gear from a correction marker, a medicine bottle top and half a plastic clothes peg!
Image: Main Parts for this Rusty Junk Pile Build

Next, I've added some 2ply (cereal packet) card to the L bend pipe - I'll be adding rivets to this later on (the elastic bands are to help it set in place) and this is a rough idea on how I will put it together (there is enough room inside for a few minis if they decide to use this as cover. I also cut the bottom off the gear, so it looks like it has dug itself into the ground.
Image: Quick mock up of the main look

Here is a top down view, as you can see, there is a little hollow for any Minis that decide to use it as cover.
Image: View top down

Here is a view from the front - I forgot to put a mini in here, but it'll effectively count as hard cover.
Image: View from the front

C&C's welcome!

(Not sure how I'll get 'Hannah' into this one - I'll see if I can think of something)

Forget 'Kilroy!' -Hannah is the rave!!! Laughing

brushmarks said:

Forget 'Kilroy!' -Hannah is the rave!!! Laughing

That's not a bad idea actually! *Hmmm...strokes chin* Thumbs Up

Quick update, Glued all the main parts down using the Superglue + PVA method. I added a few extras, notably the inside of a Biro Pen (that looks a little like a drill bit) and some I-Bars that I made a few months ago, but have never gotten around to using yet.
But the main part of the update is Rivets! Rivets added to the card sections, and few here and there on some of the plastic bits.

Image: Rusty Junk Pile from the side

Different angles showing off the Rivets.

Image: Rusty Junk Pile from the back

Last view showing off my (rather poor) Riveting!

Image: Rusty Junk Pile from the other side

As you can see, I've added a small bit of card to hide the CD hole - not to worry, this will be covered when I texture the base - next!

Quick addition, from the back showing a DV Cultist for scale.

Image: Junk Pile with DV Cultist figure for scale.

A quick Update:

Firstly, some pre-shading - done with an Acrylic black in all the nooks and crannys (that i could get, I'll get the rest with the black wash later)

Showing the black pre-shade

Next, with a very quick layer of 'Burnt Sienna' Acrylic paint. A small amount of the black paint hadn't dried properly when I did this, so there is a slightly darker browns in patches occasionally - not intended, but looks fine.

With the base color on

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Looking good so far and great detailing work on the pipeline, loving those rivets. Are you planning to have any ooze leaking out of the fractured pipeline? I think it would make a great addition to the peice.
Must admit thought for a while you and me had come up with the same concept and you had beaten me to the punch in posting it when you first posted, but glad to see that your rusty junk has gone a totally different way to mine now.

I see no reason there cannot be two junk piles in the competition. Let each be judged on its own merits.

Keldon said:

Are you planning to have any ooze leaking out of the fractured pipeline? I think it would make a great addition to the piece.

I'm not no, the idea for this is that the various bits of rusted junk have been re purposed from wherever they were before and put here to be used as cover.

So, although there won't be any 'goo', I will be including a few fun Easter eggs.

EDIT: Just seen your entry Keldon, yes, very different from mine, although, as you said, they could have been similar!

Added a textured base to the build.
(Mixed up some School Blackboard chalk in an old Mortar&Pestle, added some PVA and a little water, spread it on, move it about with a toothpick)

Back of the build showing the textured base

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Added a few signs to the pipes etc, this that were likely to have been there before they were abandoned and re-purposed.

The first pic shows a Danger sign (Bio-hazard) on the pipe - it's sideways as I envisaged the pipe was originally standing vertically before before being turned over and some of those (in)famous hazard stripes on the other pipe.
Image: Danger Sign and Hazard Stripes

The next pic shows the other side - there is another Bio-hazard sign on the pipe and a small Caution sign on the side of my home-made I-Bar. You can also see the Hazard stripes on the large pipe continue around the entire pipe.
Image: Bio-hazard and Caution sign

The third pic show me about to do some Stippling - I'm using Artists Acrylics (from Japan) a Red, a Yellow and a little bit of the same base brown color - just using a sponge to stipple it all over.
Image: Red, Yellow,Brown and Sponge - it must be Stippling Time!

Last Pic shows after the stippling, the brown now has lots of oranges, reds, yellows of various shades all over the metal parts.This stage also takes some of the shine out of the original color and makes take on more of a Matt finish.
Image: Stippling done

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

I actually finished doing this last night, but the light wasn't really good enough for pictures, so i waited until this morning so i could utilize the natural light.

Firstly, the entire model was given a very thin black wash - to get into all of those low lying areas - I also washed the base too so you can see the texture on it better, but I'm not entirely sure what to do with it - I have a couple of ideas that I'll test out.

Showing the Black was as well as the highlighting

Next up is the highlighting. I used a mix of GW Paints - Sycorax Bronze, Leadbelcher (A very dark silver) and Runefang Steel (a very bright silver).

Showing the highlights, as well as the unfinished base textures

So, next job is: The base and Easter Eggs.

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Thumbs Up Solid progress!

For extras in basing: After reviewing some previous comp entries, I spied Kishkumen's 'Sandbagged Defensive Position' in the 3 inch base event. He cut copper wire cut into small pieces to look like shell casings scattered about. Considering the obvious future use of your piece and the sharp contrast that the shiny colour would lend, perhaps that would fit...

I was thinking about cutting up some very thin tubing, painting them red and have them as spent shotgun Cartridges - but your idea is probably a lot easier!

I'm still undecided about the base color (and no one in my gaming group has an opinion either way) so, what i'm thinking of doing: I made up a few 1" Squares and textured them the same was as this base - I'll do some various paint schemes on them and see which I like the most. I have 6 1" Squares (yes, I know I could enter them into the other comp, but I actually have no idea what to put ON the bases right now Confused )

1. Grey Base, Black Wash, White Highlight (boring, but safe)
2. Grey Base, Brown Wash, White/Yellow Highlight

Any other suggestions? (obviously I'll be using it for Necromunda/Ash Wastes - I like the idea of the second one, has anyone tried similar?)

Looking good the rusty texture has very nicely muted the hazard stripe giving it a great impression of age

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