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HannahCorp Scrap Yard

Thought it was about time I actually entered one of these contests and this one reminded me of an old article on this very site most notably wrecked cars so I make no apologies for the blatant use of this great idea. Now time to find those old toy cars we have kicking about somewhere.......

This will be done for 28mm scale and will be intended to go with my collection of modern/futuristic terrain peices.

Ingredients for this crashed car soup will be mostly kitchen foil car shells filled with plaster of Paris for rigidity/durability, a few bits of plasticard and styrene extrusions all mounted to a 3mm plywood base (against for rigidity and durability)
Fingers crossed I make the deadline for entries and actually get what's in my head onto the board

Well I have found the toy cars and have selected the best ones for 28mm

The Cars Destined For Scrapping

Next stage has been to start making some tin foil shells (The SAAB in the photo below) by covering the toy car in a layer of tin foil and pressing it tight to the car to transfer as much detail on the the shell as possible before gently removing the toy car (not worrying about a little deformation here as its in a scrap yard for a reason)

Tin Foil Shell

Slightly deform the now empty shell to simulate crashing and crushing damage before I fill the Shell with plaster of paris

full car shell

and to paint in rusty glory, my main method for this I will show as a step by step later on when I can do a record card of the colour and effect for you, but is basically a brown base coat, stippled with orange and dry-brushed with gunmetal, then a final stipple of "original paint colour" does everyone think this is rusty enough to fulfil the criteria?

Any old iron!

Now its time to rinse and repeat till I can fill a scrap yard worth of mangled motors then it's fence and sign time

More cars have bitten the dust and are now bound for HannahCorps scrap yard

Red ones go faster - go rusty that is

red ones go faster - go rusty that is someones pride and joy now nothing more than fodder for the elements

getting there slowly

Lots of cars still to do but I'm getting there

Another day and another few cars made (but not gonna bore you all with more pictures of the same thing until there is enough to complete the piece) however more progress has been made as I have also started the scrap yard lot as well
I have started off by bevelling the edges of the 3mm ply board to remove the sharp edge granting a more gradual blend to the tabletop for when this is used for gaming.

Then I got busy with my latest favourite toy (borrowed from my wifes craft drawers indefinitely Twisted Evil ) this little bit of kit makes flat card into corrugated card.

new toy

in use

This has allowed me to make long strips of corrugated 'metal' perfect for industrial style fencing, I have also used some Automotive body repair mesh to create a chain link style fencing section for variety with a breach in the fence as another means of access.
The gate does open and close using a very basic brass rod and tube style hinge.
Many of these pictures contain a 28mm megacity one Judge as a scale of reference.

Image: 20140522171445

Image: 20140522172009

I have also decided that there will need to be some form of security device on the lot so have set about creating a scratch built security camera

Image: 20140522171535

Let me know what you guys think so far....

Looking good so far - I'm liking that new toy * where could I get on of those here...*

When you have finished with the Foil, you could scrunch it up and turn then into little cubes of compacted cars!

That is a neat device. I like t he security camera. Could you please post details on its construction?

The security camera is a really simple build its built from a small offcut of brass tube into this,I placed a small ball a 'green stuff' (kneadatite) to form the lens, I then sunk the lens assembly in to a rectangle of kneadatite which was faced on the top and sides with thin plasti-card (although card would serve the same purpose) to give the camera the shroud you often see. The whole camera was then mounted to a cocktail stick which will be trimmed down to suit it's final mounting place.

I have found some time to get some more work done on the Scrap Yard's Lot last night and thought I should share some of the progress on this with you

While I have been using a 28mm Mega City One Judge as a frame of reference for scale I also measured the whole thing last night and it measures in total 22 inches X 12 Inches so is a relatively sizable chunk of scatter terrain in its own right

Rusty Iron Fence

CCTV Sign In Disrepair

As I have done A CCTV camera it seemed quite fitting that there should be warning signs about this on the fence (or half hanging off the fence as done here to imply further age and disrepair)

The Finer Things

I have also taken a leaf out of ExtraEvilDaves book here and tried to model some smaller debris to up the detail level a little.

I love the soda cans and cigarette pack. There are a lot of neat details going into your entry. I look forward to seeing it finished.

Only a little progress to report this time - have managed to get some texture on the vacant lot

Texture applied

and was putting some of the cars in place to give me a bit of feel for the internal layout (to provide the best range of cover options for gaming purposes and asthetics)

I really like this build. It seems, though, the grounds in the yard might be a bit too grass covered. Most junk yards I've seen are hard packed dirt and mud puddles. Grass only grows in the corners where people rarely walk.

Must admit was thinking the same thing myself so I will be applying a sloppy mud wash in the walkways when I have finalised the car layout before I add final patches of static grass in hollows and recesses

Of course in normal tradition with my terrain projects my good lady wife is making the build more complex by telling me we need to make the interior of the office ohhh and scratch build a crane too so.......
Much more to come on this project ..... ahhhh well at least she is interested in what her geeky hubby gets up to

If you are going to make a crane, perhaps a car crusher and a few cars crushed into metallic cubes might be nice, if you have room.

Ok I think I might actually have gone mad now due to manufacturing some 28mm scale cigarette butts to go with the cigarette packets. Will only post a photo of that bit when it's all in place however. There has been more progress but nothing that really warrants photos at this stage. (Been working on the start of the site office - use and abuse of my hirst arts small brick mould) and the concrete slab to mount the crane to.

The concrete slab is just a square of coloured plaster of paris with a little detail etched in to it then drybrushed with progressively lighter shades of grey

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