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HannahCorp Scrap Yard

Well more work has been done on the site office and this time I've taken some photos, to let you see where I'm going with it


What we have here is the lower half of the building made from Hirst Arts Small brick mould with a top half made from 3mm foam board. The top half was then painted with GW's textured paints (the ones designed for bases) and then (in later photos) drybrushed with successive lighter shades.

without roof

with roof

The roof is simply corrugated card painted with my own method for rust (I know I promised earlier in this thread I would tell you my 'recipe' for rust - its later in this update)

with added details here is the almost finished outside of the office (camera and mounting bracket still need painting) but you will get a feel for the final effect here, you will also see a few scratch built exhaust pipes leaning against the wall too (these are not finished yet either but thought you might like to see some of the other details I have going into this piece)

Don't worry I have not forgotten......

Rust Recipe

All standard GW paints but I'm sure these can be replaced by other brands quite easily
(Edit) I keep recipe cards for more complex paint effects like this and dpm so that I can duplicate the effect later on (even months or years later). These allow me the opportunity to adjust the effect one component at a time

ohhh yeah before I forget as it is the Hannah Co. scrap yard I really needed to have the name showing somewhere well here it is

Hannah Co.

It's looking good K! Smile

Still getting there, the interior of the office is now done so that is now complete (and slightly modular as the office is not fixed to the main board it is a peice of scatter terrain in its own right).
Construction continues on the crane (photos soon I promise) the crane is being constructed from a plaster of Paris base with a peice of electrical ducting forming an upright, atop this will be the body of the crane comprised of - foam board (3mm thick) for the main frame, clad with normal white card. The arm is going to be made of extruded styrene (which version will be obvious when the photos can be taken) I intend to make this removable like the office so it can be used separately if needed

Lookin' good so far.

As promised here is a WIP photo of the crane that is being built


Looking good so far. I like the work on the crane arm, especially.

Elderac said:

Looking good so far. I like the work on the crane arm, especially.

Got to confess here the arm is a pre-formed styrene extrusion (I think it's intended to be used to make OO scale industrial style roofing beams) so can't really take to credit for that all I did was attach half a cog at the base of the arm and some guide rollers at the tip.
I've had that beam in my bits box for a few years, just been waiting for the right project

Nearly in the home stretch with this peice now - the crane is almost finished, the interior on the scrap yard is now complete (Easter eggs and all), the office is completed. As it stands the only bits outstanding now is the grass and foliage outside the scrap yard and any extra detail/paintwork I think might help and a short write up for the entry text (kinda dreading writing that bit now). Looks like my first attempt at entering a competition here might actually make the deadline Dancing Dancing Surprised Surprised

I really like that netting/mesh you've used for the fence - what is it exactly?

I hope that crane is going to have a big Grabber/Claw on the end of it!

Can't wait to see it finished Smile

The mesh is an aluminium automotive repair mesh intended for bridging rusty holes in cars it's very malleable and can be deformed in to quite a vast range of shapes, but on its own has the wire fence/industrial grating feel (ideal for necromunda/40k terrain)
(Edit) it's easily available from pretty much any car accessory retailer for example it's cheap and little goes a long way

As I mentioned slightly earlier I said Easter eggs and all - well here's one of the Easter eggs, well if not Easter egg at least time for a lunch break. Jam sandwich, Coke and a read of the latest news anyone?

Thats Lunch Everyone

To quote Toy Story - The Claw!!!!

Behold the claw!!!!

And entry is in .............

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