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How to stick perspex sheets together?

Hi Folks,

Can anyone advise me as to the best method of sticking perspex sheets together? I've tried plastic glue (no good) and a hot glue gun, which sticks but I'm not convinced the bond will last.

Many thanks


TheDreamer said:

Can anyone advise me as to the best method of sticking perspex sheets together?

That depends on a number of factors like whether it needs to remain transparent and the type of joint you're using, but in order of preference:

Forget the adhesive and weld it. If not possible, then

Diclo or another acrylic solvent cement

Stay away from CA unless you're going to paint the joint.

Well from my former profession as an aircraft technician we used to bond perspex repair patches on Windows using Araldite (the slow cure kind not the rapid to maintain transparency).

With care it's a good strong bond and nice and clear

Keldon said:


Greatest. Structural epoxy. EVER!

Some years ago I helped a guy glue a transom onto a boat with it.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all your advice. I've found the stuff that does the job. Its "Polyweld" - plastic welding compound and it works a treat.

What I've used it for is to create a series of paint racks specifically for different heights and diameters of paints and all the other stuff we all use. I'm eventually aiming to have about 6 of these all along the back of my work bench.

Perspex paint racks

Each one cost about £10 each to create. They stand 24" high and 12" wide.

In my original posting I said I used the hot glue gun in my first attempt. Big mistake. My "cave" is the conservatory, which gets extremely hot when the sun hits it. The hot glue of course melted and all the shelves with the paints on simply collapsed one by one!! Needless to say I discovered which paints did not have the tops on properly!

Once again thanks for your advice.

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