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Village Details

For this competition, I intend to create 5 pieces that will complement a medieval type village. Initial thoughts are:

Road sign

Still need two others, but we're just getting started.

Village stocks, outhouse (ahhh before the advent of indoor plumbing or portaloos) hitching post and water trough, errmmm ......... archery target, training dummy, hay bale, market stall, blacksmiths forge & anvil.
I could keep going but I think you might have a few potential ideas there, good luck

I love medieval villages.

How about:
Gardens. every house should have one.
Root cellars.
Kilns, bake ovens, and fire pits.
Wood cutting yards with tools for making shingles, planks etc...
Grave Yard
Household tools: Spinning wheels, Butter Churns, tables, chairs, baskets, boxes, etc...

Looking forward to your creatings.

To help inspire you... here is a photo of some village stuff I made a couple years ago. You mentioned a hen house. I researched what some midieval hen houses looked like and this is one design that appealed to me. Also you will find in this photo a bake oven, butter churn, pottery wheel, and a garden complete with waddle fences. Looking forward to what you build.

Image from

Thanks for the input guys. I think I can find 5 things to do now. Smile

I might have to drop this one. Most ideas I have would have been greater than 30 mm deep.

Well, I'll give it a shot, don't know if I'll get 5, but here goes.

First up is a well. Using a 25mm washer as a base and balsa wood for bricks. I have made a gauge of matte board to make sure each part falls in standards.

Image: 20140703040309

Image: 20140703040325

Image: 20140703040345

Image: 20140703040359


Elderac said:

Image: 20140703040345

"Well, well, well." Sorry I had to say that. Thanks you for going ahead. Doesn't that frame look cute?

I thought using a frame was a great idea. I did some work today, but nothing ready for photos.

Okay, back with a couple of quick posts of work in progress.

First two bases for additional pieces. These are 25mm fender washers with a piece of card glued over the hole. One of these will go for the outhouse, the other for a fire pit.

Image: 20140707013526

Next is a side view of my gauge showing the block glued to the back. For some items, I am more concerned about exceeding height. Width should be okay.

Image: 20140707013652

Next post: The chicken coop.


Here is the steps for making the chicken coop. I selected a 3/4 inch cube (about 18mm) and painted it black.

Image: 20140707013848

Then I cut some thin strips of balsa wood.

Image: 20140707013928

I glued the wood to the coop and checked for width. The figure is a 15mm figure.

Image: 20140707014000

Then I sculpted a thatched roof from Sculpy, baked it and primed it. The oven is in the same image.

Image: 20140707014113

I painted the roof with golden brown and then dry brushed with straw. I may need another dry brush of straw as I'm not really happy with the color. Here it is glued to the coop. It is under 30mm, but I wanted to show it without the gauge.

Image: 20140707014255

Next up is the clay oven.


Clay oven:

Not much to show here. I am sculpting it out of Sculpy. It has been a long while since I have done anything with Sculpy, but I felt this project needed it.

Image: 20140707014625

Image: 20140707014647

I did a little smoothing of the opening before baking and priming it. The image of the baked and primed oven is in the post with the chicken coop.

Next up: Outhouse


The outhouse build will be similar to the chicken coop.

I started with two half inch (12.25 cm) cubes and glued them together.

Image: 20140707014927

Then I cut the top at an angle and painted it black. I paint them black to make sure the wood underneath is not seen through any cracks or gaps in the wood.

Image: 20140707015049

The outhouse is still a work in progress as is the well. The well is primed and ready for painting. I don't have much done on the fire pit yet. That will be my fifth item.

More to come.


This Cottage has everything! Great work so far.


I hope to post the last of the WIP images tonight and then make my entry.


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