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Hannah's Hammer

Two weeks to go to the end of this competition but I thought I'd see if I could put something together for it. Had a rumage through my bits box and came up with the side of a tank. No other bits so I can't make it a complete one, but I thought I could bury it in something to look like it's been around for a very long time.

So here I go...

The Bit's Box

One base

The pot of ready mixed plaster

Build up the plaster around the tank side

I like where you are going with this.

While the plaster is wet I've gone over it with green and brown water colour to give a base upon which to build up the earth, grass and vegetation. Also given the tank a first base coat of dark grey.

Putting the basecoats on

To make the scene look like its "old" I thought I'd put a small tree growing through the large hole in the side of the tank. Trees are not my strong point!

Making a tree

Twisted the wires together to create a tree like structure, added smaller bits here and there for extra branches...

The wireframe for the tree takes shape

And used a modelling paste to cover the wireframe to create the trunk and main branches...

The wireframe is covered in modelling paste

Putting the two together...

Only decision now is which hole should the tree come out of?

Adding some extra detail to the tree trunk. A small hole which could be for an owl or something.

A hole in the tree trunk

I really like the effect of the tree growing out of the hull.

Not entirely happy with the shape of the trunk of the tree, but decided to colour it and see how it turns out. Using a mix of Tamiya XF-49 Khaki, and XF-53 Neutral Grey to try to get a colour close to a tree trunk.

Colouring the tree trunk

Also working on the tank, painting it as I would normally, with washes in the recesses and dry brushing the high lights. Also added the name "Hannah's Hammer":

Hannah's Hammer takes shape

The tree is beginning to take shape - I've done a wash of olive drab followed by a black wash to try to bring out the texture of the tree bark. Next step will be a lighter dry brushing.

Painting the tree

Now making the tank look old (hopefully)

Rusting up the tank

The next stage I thought of was how to make the tree look old. Looking at our trees in the garden they are mostly covered in ivy so I thought I've give this a go.

I used plumber's hemp for the stems of the ivy. I think the hemp is roughly the same colour as the stems in our garden so left it unpainted. Used PVA to stick it to the tree trunk...

Plumbers hemp for ivy stems

Molding the damp hemp to the tree trunk

Once set I then used a thin paint brush to individually cover each strand of hemp with pva glue and covered it with a mixed light green and dark green flock to give a variation in the colour (top of the leaves and the underside of the leaves).

Adding PVA to stick the flock

Finally ending up with something like this...

The completed ivy

I'm still working on getting the best lighting as the images don't really show it off properly but I hope I'm getting there.

Now I'm trying to create the leaves on the tree. I'm having a go with Woodland Scenic's polyfibres to represent the small branches and twigs. Taking a small ball of the stuff and teasing it out to form a large mat which is then stuck to the branches with PVA. I'm then using a "spray mount" to stick on the green rubber foam "leaves". Not entirely sure it'll be successful but here goes.

Poly fibre stuck on the branches

Rubberised foam flock for the leaves

The tree with the twigs, now for the leaves

Now stuck on all the foam "leaves". Not sure it looks like a tree!

The tree with leaves

Thanks for the inspire! -Having 6 GW tree stands sans foliage, the d├ęcor of the branches posed radical creative procrastination. Two went to the swamp with Spanish moss and greenstuff vines, two more to reindeer moss and the last it, now. Thumbs Up

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