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Hannah's Hammer

Now back on the base. I wanted to try to continue the "old" theme so decided to have narrow tracks through the undergrowth - animal trails constantly used over time. Also the carcass of the tank being used as a den for some creature - the trails lead to a hole in the side where the tracks were, and the hole in the side shows ground being carried out by the animals coming in and out.

Animal trails through the undergrowth

The hole could be an animal den

There's still a fair bit to do, I'm hoping to have a fair bit of vegetation across the base, again lending itself to the theme of "old", it would take time for the vegetation to grow up etc. At least that's the plan!

Making progress with the base - added a range of vegetation to make it look overgrown...

Vegetation on the base

Image: 20140621075612

And put the tree in a dry run to see what the overall affect will be. Somethings not quite right about it but I can't work it out. Also need to do some tidying up here and there etc.

The tree inserted into the base

A lot of moss/lichen/vines on the tree, but nothing on the tank perhaps? maybe a few fallen leaves on the tank too? Smile

djmothra said:

... but nothing on the tank perhaps? maybe a few fallen leaves on the tank too? Smile

Thanks djmothra, the tank is too clean. Old and rusty, but it would accummulate debris, leaves, moss etc. I'd forgotten that. Cheers

Ok working on DJmothra's idea I've now added some vines/ivy around the large hole which should match up with the vines on the tree when it's put in the hole. I've put a "rusty" looking foliage around other areas of the tank, in the recesses etc to try to represent leaf litter thats built up over time and is decaying. I've also added silver birch seeds to illustrate fallen leaves.

Making the tank look more delapidated

The final touches. Cementing the tree in place, and a general tidy up - trimming stray ends, filling the odd open spaces with more vegetation etc.

Cementing the tree in place

Love the range of colour in the foliage looks great

This is a nice piece. I hope it does well.

You need to mention something about the size of the piece in your final entry.

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