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Convertible / Reversible Terrain

For this competition, entrants will construct terrain elements that can be converted or reversed to form a completely different terrain element. The spirit of this competition is to get more bang for your buck. Terrain that can be used for multiple purposes saves space on your game shelf or closet. There are no size restrictions. If you choose to do some type of modular terrain such as roads or trees, please show multiple examples (2 or more)

Reversible terrain is defined as one piece that can be flipped over or turned inside out to form something completely different. Examples of possible reversible terrain:
* Roads that can be flipped over and have a stream on the other side.
* Crop fields that are flipped over and have a different type of field on the reverse side such as wheat on one side and furrowed field on the other. Burned out crops on reverse side would be interesting too.
* Foam terrain boards (square, hex, etc...) with one terrain feature on one side and something completely different on the other.
* Trees designed with removable foliage so it can be a summer or a winter tree.

Convertible terrain is defined as having an element that can be removed or changed on the terrain feature completely changing it. Examples of Convertible terrain:
*A building built in two sections. Joined together it forms a house. Remove the top half and it is now a bombed out ruin.
* A house with a wrap around porch where the porch is removable. Thus changing the complete feel of the terrain structure.
* What would really be cool to see is a building designed/engineered with removable/flipping walls that have a completely different look to them once flipped around. I am imagining a brick wall on once side and clap board siding on the other.
* Game markers that can be converted into something different. I imagine a treasure chest that can have the contents changed so that you never know what will be in it. How about a box with a flat lid and a humped lid. This could be a basic storage box converted to a treasure chest.

Good luck to all who enter. I am excited to see what your crafty minds can come up with.

Froggy the Great just posted this over on Reaper's forum:


Endlessly re-arrangeable starship interior which converts to its own storage system. Many of the small detail pieces have been featured on TG at times in the past. And some may still be in the gallery.

Ooh, I have two ideas for this:

3 Story Reversible Tower - First - A tower for Necro Games - similar to the one I am slowly working through on the WiP forum - a little smaller (possibly taller though) - with one side all rusted up (like previous builds) and the other side blasted concrete. (so one side will be greyish with some plant life perhaps and the other brown and rivetty!)

Convertible Sump / Sub Pen - Second - A large pool of toxic goo - some kind of treatment plant. Take away some of the pipes and turn it into a Submarine Pen (a build was on here a while ago - Necromunda Sub) and it's been sat the back of my head for a while.

So, the first is Reversible and the second is convertible. Hmmm...I reckon that covers it!

(Awesome idea by the way! Applause but, darn it, I was planning on doing some Mordheim stuff (I know I can) but the two ideas above have been bouncing about in my head for far too long now, it's time to let them out! Smile )

My first thought was a structure that could have a section removed to simulate battle damage. Possible ideas:

- A building where you can remove parts of the walls/ceiling/roof/etc to show it has been bombed out.

- A castle/city wall that can have a large breach taken out of it, with some debris added around the base, to show damage from a catapult/artillery bombardment/etc

- A large hill/cliff/mesa/etc that can have a big chunk removed (and perhaps debris added around the base) to show it has been blasted out - possibly for some sort of ambush/trap/etc.

Count me in. I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm still evaluating my current terrain needs.

At the moment, I'm thinking of building a building with two wings. One or both wings can be removed to form a different building. The wings can even be put together for another building entirely. Basing it might be a bit tricky, but I'm sure it can be done.


I just found a Lamppost head on the beach...perfect for a Space ship / colony Greenhouse.

Might want to make this topic sticky so it stays at the top of the list, easier to find the contest criteria that way

Keldon said:

Might want to make this topic sticky so it stays at the top of the list, easier to find the contest criteria that way
. I know. I tried. Don't know how.

cprljohnivey said:

Don't know how.

I don't actually know how either, but this may be one of those things that can be set by editing the first post. I've never moderated a comp though; just a shot in the dark.

Another moderator from a past comp might know.

If no one knows, we could PM Andy.

Sorry that I didn't see this sooner. I'm up to my ears with our jewellery business and trying to get my aged VW van back on the road while I have good weather to work outside.

The sticky topic setting is in the same place you give the topic a title i.e. under the "topic data" tab of the first post in the topic. You can add/remove it by going back as if to edit the post. I've done it for you on this one.

Feel free to PM me about stuff like this. It only takes me a couple of minutes to deal with stuff like this... which is no problem even though I'm not finding time for "general reading" (only here this morning to announce the latest comp winner). Smile

Thanks. I really wasn't worried with only three threads in here. Once we get a few more.... Then I'd have come knocking.

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