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Four doors and a Throne.

I will be finishing off my keep and Gatehouse with strong doors. I will also be making a rough Iron throne for the Throne Dias and a Balcony door for above the Keep entrance.

The Gatehouse doors will be Identical , but I will enter the back of one as a separate picture entry. The Keep Door will Have some kind of plating and the Balcony will have double doors with glass.

Image: 20140712192155

Image: 20140712192056

Image: 20140712192111

I like the entry gauge.


Image: 20140714171345

I wasn't ready to post my Gatehouse yet , but here it is.
Image: 20140714171423

Image: 20140714171443

Image: 20140714171605
This engineering took ages. The structure of the floor is held together by a perspex strip I heatgunned into two ovals one fitting inside the other. The floor is cut into two halves that are glued to the sides of the inner perspex oval. This way the Portcullis can still function and the floor is removable as one piece to give access down below.

Image: 20140714171627

Here My Gatehouse floor Shows the mechanism for raising the portcullis.
Image: 20140714171643

The Front of My Gatehouse.
Image: 20140714171715
My Gatehouse and Keep is based on the Stronghold games as much as space can allow. I hope to have a Nicer interior though and I am fond of nice veiny colored marble.

Image: 20140714171853

Image: 20140714172910
My Balcony Doors are Sealed in with plaster. I hope I wont have to cut away too much of their front vertical edge too allow for opening. I left the wood very thick intentionally for siege resistance. I hope to have working hinges on all the doors. "Working" Hinges depending on the limited time.
Image: 20140714172926
The gap underneath the balcony door is where two arrow openings point downwards. Later I will place wooden trapdoors there.

Image: 20140714223012

Back of Orc Door. This is thin aluminium sheet cut with shears and folder with needle nose pliers.
Image: 20140714223033

Image: 20140714223404
Pyramid Door.

Image: 20140714223432

Orc Door. The Eyes are the arrow slots.

Image: 20140714223458

Braced Door. For extra toughness against Rams.

Image: 20140714223522
These still needs cleaning.

Orc door!! Applause

Tob said:

Orc door!! Applause

Extra jaw for toughness. I want to get a type of green patina on this Guy.

Image: 20140715150504

Image: 20140715150551

The Balcony doors are more organic looking, but I still coated them in sheet metal.
Image: 20140715150604

The front door I brushed with some red ochre oil paint. I want the top ones to be gold.
Image: 20140715150749

Each of the sword hilts I trimmed with cutters and pinched with the needle pliers to round the handles a bit. Still needs more swords.
Image: 20140715151044

Image: 20140717154534

Image: 20140717154549

The Orc Door.
Image: 20140717154642

My Narrow banners fit nicely on the corner turrets and the 5 mm flatbar weighted bases keeps them in place.
Image: 20140717154651

Image: 20140717154803

Image: 20140717154812

My Iron throne and pillars. My problem with gold leaf is that I forget NOT to press the gold leaf down with a damp brush. The bonding agent I paint on in thin lines to make gold veins gets pressed into wide blotches by the pressure of my brush and porousness of the plaster surface . This makes for much larger gold areas than needed. I will in the future only rest the gold leaf on the glued areas and not press it with a damp brush at all. Porous surfaces gets less porous when painted with acrylic paint or sealer and I should perhaps varnish the plaster before trying to glue gold leaf on.

Image: 20140731195840

Image: 20140731195852

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