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WWII Cottage

Plastic card base, foam core walls and chimney, balsa wood floor. The bricks are pressed with a bristle less brush, formed into a rectangle. and the paint is a series of color washes.

Image: 20140801183524

Image: 20140801183546

Image: 20140801183618

Image: 20140801183649

Image: 20140801183714


1. I love that I can't tell the difference between the faux aged wood in the model and the real aged wood of the table it's sitting on.

2. The consistency of the level of detail is perfect. Compositional cohesion.

Oh drool. Me likey a lot.

Absolutely beautiful, Spider! Applause
The 2nd floor looks like it's going to give way at any second. Is there any special reinforcing to help it hold minis that we can't see? Or is the 3 walls & carefully placed stick enough to keep it steady?

It is built just like a sub floor. besides lots of glue what you see is what it is. The stick doesn't hold any weight it is just there to provide the illusion. Its more then strong enough for our games.

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