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Necro Sump/Sub-Pen/Skimmer Pad

Ok, I know, only two weeks (or so) left, so I'm trying an audacious move and see if I can get this done.
I'll be trying to get one of my ideas finished - but as I've left it so late, please don't be surprised if I don't get it all done*

Rough sketches of ideas

As you can see above, I made a quick sketch for what I'm thinking of doing.
The base for this is a small portable teachers/students whiteboard - that has a crack through the middle of it - it hit a wall after missing a student - and no, I didn't throw it - I wouldn't have missed Razz )

Sub Pen

Top pic shows a jetty going out into some form of toxic goo, with a submarine next to it - I plan to make this Sub not look too traditional - I have a great idea for it - Which I'll do if I have time.


Remove the submarine and add a boxed structure next to it - and it can act as a sump - not drawn above, but I plan to continue the 'jetty' all the way around the sump station (possibly with some great cover on top - only problem, you have to walk on the precarious edges to get to it)

The two above ideas count as Convertible (is it okay enough?)

Next, Flip the whole thing over and make a Skimmer/Anti-Gravity landing pad - in a similar vein to a Heli-pad - the sump station can sit next to it and perhaps double as a fuel pumping station as it will be a free standing structure.

With Regards to the Submarine - I might make it so, If i add a removable underside to it, it'll turn into a skimmer (probably change the conning tower to a gun turret or similar)

*If I really do run short on time - I'll just make a toxic pool of goo and the skimmer pad.

What does everyone think? Does it meet the criteria ok?

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Sounds very ambitious. Hope you have time to complete it - or at least enough of it to count.

I really like that you are planning for the pumping station thing to be usable with both sides of the sump/platform. That's good thinking! Thumbs Up

I suppose one of the good things about using an old whiteboard is that you can actually draw onto it - so whilst my students were working through an exercise - I decided to draw pretty much exactly what I'm intending on adding - as close in scale as possible - as this is the broken whiteboard.


First, the board shows a plan of where the Jetty will be and where the proposed Sub (or maybe just conning tower will go - I have found an old top of an air freshener for this part)

Whiteboard with Jetty and Sub Plan

Next, I erased the sub and added the Sump Station - it includes an extra jetty and two large pipes that enter the water.

Whiteboard with Jetty and Sump Station plan


Last, the board has been flipped over and the AntiGravity/Skimmer Pad has been drawn on - the weird writing on it is "AG" said phonetically /eId3i:/ it's supposed to be a new version of the "H" you see on Heli-pads - but remain geeky enough for me and my fellow teachers to have a giggle at - but also looks Alien enough that it could be anything.

Whiteboard with AG/Skimmer Pad

EDIT: The Dimensions of the board are 7inches wide by 9.5inches long - in total, less than half an inch high/thick (depending on how you look at it)

Thoughts? C&Cs?

djmothra said:

Sorry, I forgot to include any kind of scale with this (I don't have any minis at school, and I forgot to get the ruler out - but the jetty is about 1"wide - I'll include some dimensions and mini for scale ref next time)

Thoughts? C&Cs?

You could just edit your post and tell us what the spacing of the permanent grid lines on the marker board is. d'oh!

At a guess, the smaller squares are about one-quarter-inch? Or maybe as big as 10x10mm if this is a Euro/metric product.

This is a grand idea... Thumbs Up

Actually started on this project - not much done at the moment, but I feel due to time, I might not get the sump station done - we'll see.

First up - a close up of the Jetty - this is 1.5"wide by 3.5" long - it has some gauze to make it look a little more modern (as opposed to the wooden planks look on my doodles above)

Close up of Jetty

Next - more of an overview - added a DV Cultist mini so you can see how big it is.
Cereal packet card to emulate, perhaps concrete blocks around the edge - or metal blocks - undecided as yet (most likely concrete though)
I have also edited the above posts with Dimensions as pendrake suggested.

Jetty and sides

Added half a drinking straw so it looks semi-submerged on the farside as some kind of outlet pipe.
Last - I have added the air-freshener part as a stand in Sub Conning tower - it certainly fits the part!


I have also given the entire 'white board' part a covering with watered down PVA to help the primer stick and so start on making it look like water - along with sealing the edges.

C&Cs welcome

Not much of an update - I have given the 'white' part of the board another coating of watered down pva, in the hopes that the primer and paint will actually stick to it! Also added some ladder rungs up the side of the Sub-Conning Tower.

Also, the round part on top is actually part of the air-freshener - it used to sit flush and as it's already removable - I just moved it up a little and glued it in place.

Sub-Pen with Conning Tower

Not a great pic by any means - but you can see where I'm going.

C&Cs welcome

Ok, I've started on the Skimmer Pad side - but I have a problem - I'll explain at the bottom.

Started cutting some foam board to act as a side area - as I want the actual pad to be square in shape.

Bits of artboad cut ready for glueing

Glued the board down - and started adding some detail, mainly some pipes and wires that are just under the surface, as well as a lattice bit of plastic to look like a walking area - pics aren't that great though (sorry)
Just realized that the white straws are too high - I might have to slice off the bottom so they sit flush inside the holes Brick wall

All glued down, with pipes added

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Now - to my problem above - I'm sure many here have gotten half way through a build and just 'not felt it' I know that sounds odd, but I'm just not feeling the Skimmer side of this bit (I love the Jetty/Sub side and can't wait to paint it)
I know the final design I chose for the skimmer pad is the best (I made about 6 or 7 designs before I finally got the one I wanted) but I really have no inclination to finish it - I know it will look good finished, but I'm really meh right now Sad
Anyone have similar and how'd you overcome it? I know there's only a week left, right now, the 'reversible' side probably won't get finished. We'll see.

djmothra said:

I'm just not feeling the Skimmer side of this bit...I really have no inclination to finish it...
Anyone have similar and how'd you overcome it?

If this piece is for a game, re-read the rules, especially all the fluff. If you can rekindle your interest in the game and its backstory, you might fan the flame for finishing the piece.

Also watch any media in a similar genre to your piece/game. Your interest might increase and you may be inspired.

Using the "Just get on and do it" attitude, I have actually found some inspiration to get the Skimmer pad side done - or at least on its way to being done.

First thing I had to do was remove all the white drinking straw pipes and slice them in half so they sit inside the holes for them without sticking up out.
I also started on the 'pad' which as you can see, I've tried to also make it look like some kind of service elevator that goes...well, down.

Pad with deck

Using some heavy paper - added a capital A to the main pad - it's nearly a Capital H Smile (didn't bother with the geeky phonetic writing - yet)
Added some parts to the side so it looks like the doors can slide open under them - the 4 little bits of card - 2 on top and bottom, will hopefully have some kind of light (OSL) painted - illuminating the pad.

A is for Anti-Gravity

From the top, looking straight down - the fig you can see is on a round 25mm base (the standard Necro/40k size - although, mine are home made Smile )

Plan view

Also, decided to make the Sub Conning tower a little convertible as well - it has a small round bit on the top on it which can easily be removed/ I added a whiteboard maker pen lid to it, so it can double as a cooling vent if I want the conning tower as a stand alone item of scenery.

Hatch and/or Cooling Vent

Now - painting! Lets hope I have time.

C&Cs welcome

looking good. I like that you are also making the conning tower convertible... Cant wait to see the finished product er uh.... products

Right, actually started throwing paint at the build - right now its just spray primed black and had a rough base coat of colours put onto it.

First up, the Sub-Pen side - not much to see here - this'll probably take the longest as I have to add some green looking goo, then use some PVA to make it look like slimey water and I know it'll probably take ages to dry.

Awaiting the goo

Next, the Skimmer side - just base colours first - Grey is going to be concrete, brown is going to be rusty, similar to my previous comp builds.

What? No A?

Here is the A added

Ah, there you are!

As already mentioned, these are just the base colours - I've yet to add various warning signs, hazard stripes etc etc before stippling, washing and highlighting.

Here's looking good to get most of it finished! (Sadly, I won't have time for the extra 'Sump' part - I'll keep that for a future competition!)

C&Cs welcome

Quick update:-

First some warning signs and stuff on the Skimmer Pad side...

with warning signs

...and started on the green of the sub-pen.

Image: 20140829004010

Just need finishing touches (stippling/highlighting) and the water effect added and we might be good to go!

C&Cs welcome.

I'm totally new to all this water effect stuff, I first tried a very small one on a previous comp entry, the Rusty Tower (it came out ok-ish) sadly, I don't have access to all the nice model makers stuff you can buy at hobby stores - at least, not that I've found.

Anyway, this is what I've done.

Base layer of black (from the priming) then added various shades of green, light at the edges, eventually bleeding back into black in the middle (a kind of wet blend I suppose) - you can see this above somewhere ^ .

Then, a layer of watered down PVA - let to dry, ended up very smooth - like glass (not a bad thing, just not for this one) used the green glaze from GW (waywatcher?) over the already green parts and some on the black bits and then another layer of PVA over the top, this time, deliberately agitated as it is drying.

...and it came out like this!

First try at a BIG water effect

I'm happy with it! (certainly for a first try anyway)

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Very nice look!

Red and Yellow stippling on - don;t worry, it always looks like a clown at this point Smile

Pad all stippled

Conning Tower and Jetty all stippled

The final hurdle is in sight, all I need to do now is Wash and Highlight - along with a few last minute touches (I'd really like to try some OSL again - if there's time ofc)

C&Cs welcome

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