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Modular Barricades for Middle Ages Wargaming

Got a few days to the end of the competition and I've been tinkering with making some modular wargaming bits that I thought I'd work on for another entry. "Last Stands" are usually last minute affairs and so will this.

Had a packet of 1/72 Hundred Years War figures sitting on the shelf, English long bowman. At the Battle of Agincourt the English bowman had to defend themselves against the French cavalry etc, a kind of last stand against greater numbers. So perhaps this is appropriate for the competition. And as its my rules this time - of course it is!!

Anyway - wanted to do a low hill large enough for a few troops. Very simple construction, just 3 layers of foam board stuck together:

A low hilll

From memory (not that I was there, from a book I read about it a long time ago!!) the Long Bowmen were sited on one side of a shallow valley, and able to fire down onto the cavalry.

I have used acrylic resin to add a few features to part of the hill:

Acrylic resin to make a small outcrop

Covered it with PVA and added green flock to it:

Adding flock to the hill

The idea for the modular barricades etc I'm using green putty on a green card simply squeezed out in a long line.

Making barricades

Into this I've pushed small cut sticks to represent planks stuck into the ground, with the same green flock over the putty.

The makeshift barricades

front view of the barricade

One of the barricades will be made of bundles of brush wood. I'm making it from plumbers hemp and tied with cotton to represent rope:

Plumbers hemp

The bundles are then stacked to create the barrier:

Bundles of brushwood stacked to form the barrier

The putty stripes on the green card didn't turn out quite as expected. The putty was too brittle and the card too flexible so they snapped very easily. Next attempt was to use thin plasticard as a base and "no more nails" glue as the medium. This seems to have been a little more successful. The piece is a lot more flexible and doesn't snap or break, at least so far. I've been making a series with different types of barricades - sharpened stakes, boulders rolled into position etc:

Another barricade with no more nails

With added sharpened stakes

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