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Factory Complex

by Gary James

This Epic-scale construction could be a munitions factory or even a bunker complex. It is the pinnacle of junk-based terrain building - I didn't pay for any of the building materials used in this piece!


  1. Factory ComplexThe body of this factory is the inverted packing tray from a pack of Tesco's Cameos, which are mini ice lollies. I'm sorry if you don't have Tesco where you live - but I'm sure you could find something similar

  2. Matchsticks

  3. Mesh material from a dressmaker's oddments bin

  4. Drinking straws and tubes from pens

  5. Old capacitors from broken circuit boards

  6. Thin card or plastic for the doors (I use old margarine tubs)

  7. Plywood for the base plus sand, paint and a few left over Space Marine transfers


  1. Factory ComplexGlue the packing tray to a base of plywood or cardboard. Alternatively, cast several factories in paster of Paris using the tray as a mould!

  2. Glue matchsticks around the perimeter as fence posts

  3. Cover the base with sand. Scrape the sand away to make tracks and roads.

  4. Snip the mesh material into strips and super-glue to the fence posts

  5. Glue drinking straw bits, pen tubes, and capacitors to the roof to make smoke stacks

  6. Make a little pile of pipes from drinking straws

  7. Embellish as you wish - I used the Imperial eagle motif from a Space Marine banner pole

  8. Spray the whole thing black

  9. Paint up the model. This one is concrete grey with silver domes. I shall make some in camouflage colours too. To paint the mesh fencing, place some newspaper behind to support it whilst brushing.

  10. Add Space Marine transfers

  11. Why not buy some Epic gun turrets and make a fortified factory complex?

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