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GorkaMorka Fort #1

by Nikki, James and Minkus

GorkaMorka Fort 1This fort won the senior (15 yrs+) category at our build a fort competition. It was built by Nikki, James and Minkus. The thing which set this fort apart was the great attention to detail and nice little touches here and there.


  1. Plywood or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) for the base

  2. foamcore

  3. Balsa Wood, drinking straws, tooth picks

  4. Polystyrene (styrofoam) and wall filler (Polyfiller, Spackle)

  5. Broken circuit bits and the fan from a broken computer motherboard

  6. Car repair mesh

  7. 90 degree angle 2 1/4 inch waste pipe section


Gorka Forta drawbridge and guard squigNikki, James and Minkus made the base out of 6mm MDF and covered it with styrofoam so that they could cut out the trench (or orky sewer? Yeuk) which runs all around the fort. The walls are then built up from varying materials including drinking straws wired together and painted up in metallic colours. This wall section can be seen in the photograph above and I think it is very effective. The panel to the right of the door is foamcore with cocktail sticks stuck in it to create those vicious spikes. Car repair mesh was also used as wall material here and there.

All forts had to have a working door. This fort has a drawbridge (as did all of them, actually). This photograph shows the open door, guard-squig and pay an' display machine, which I'll show you in more detail below.

Mesh wall and sewer pipeThis shot shows the sewer trench running around the fort and the pipe spewing gunk into it (mind you, it wasn't the only thing spewing into the trench). The car repair mesh has been roughly wired together with fuse wire, which looks effective.

The oil drum is from the GorkaMorka/40K accessories sprue. The pipe is just a 2 1/4 inch waste pipe elbow joint.

Internal details

Da operashun tabulInternal details are important in something like a fort, which has a big square area in the middle. This is the operashun tabul. Hmm. Or maybe not...

The decking on the floor of this section is nice - just balsa wood strips painted up and dry-brushed. You can also see a balsa wood plank wall section in the background.

Use Grippo Tyres! All orks know that Grippo tyres are da best, and Oily Fikzitt has no hesitation in recommending them. In the background you can see the broken computer fan.


This model is stacked with nice touches here and there. Here are a few to inspire you...

Pay an displayYou'd have to be a complete nutter to park yer trukk outside of da fort...but if you insist, it'll cost ya 1 toof. The lettering reads PAY AN' DISPLAY. 1 TOOF PER DAY. TIKIT.

Guard squig and puppy sqigEvery car wrecker's yard that I have ever been to has had at least two psychotic dogs straining on chains to tear your face off. Gorka Forta is no exception. The puppy squig is cute though, huh?

Well, I did say the sewer pipe wasn't the only thing that was puking into the trench...

Puking squigWell, I'd love to post another 10 pictures of this fort but I think I'll have to reserve some server space for other projects. I'd just like to say well done to Nikki, James and Minkus. Now get some terrain built for the club please...

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