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by Robert Calfree

TentsRobert Calfree has come up with a great technique for making durable tents.

These tents could be used in a modern setting as a camouflaged encampment or HQ unit or adapted to a fantasy or historical system.


  1. Tissue paper
  2. Strawberry baskets
  3. Drinking straw
  4. White glue (PVA glue)

First turn the baskets upside-down, cut the straw into 1" segments and glue them to the center of each tent 'top'. This gives the tent a peaked look.

Wet the tissue paper and drape it over the basket and straw. Be careful not to tear the tissue. (Note that this is the 'crunchy' tissue paper that comes wrapped around flowers, new shoes and other things - not the soft tissues that you blow your nose on!) Then mix water with the glue about 50-50, and paint the mixture over the tissue paper.

Let them dry and paint them with more glue a few more times. The doorways are cut from card and glued on when the whole thing dries rock-hard.

Spray them brown and drybrush them up!

TentsNote from Gary: Robert's strawberry baskets were the ideal shape for the tents he wanted. I think you could also cut your basic tent shape out of polystyrene (styrofoam) and cover it with the tissue paper to get the same effect. You could then make tents in any shape you like.

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