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Big Door

by Zec Vigil

Big DoorZec now shows us how to make, well, a big door...


  1. Matte Board
  2. Thin Card (from a cereal box or similar)
  3. Small Gauge Wire
  4. Fabric Paint


First I started out by scoring the matte board with a bunch of lines to simulate a door made out of slats of wood. Then I cut it almost in half except for a little section at the top to hold it together. That gives the look of two different door panels.

You don't need to cut the door into the shape of your opening, because the opening will do it for you. You just need a rectangle or square of matte board.

Big DoorTo paint the door itself, I first used a coat of almost a butterscotch color. After that, I did a wash (thinned down paint) of darker brown, and then a very dark brown wash for the edges. For the streaks and other weathering I used colored pencils. You could also use pastels I suppose, but you would have to coat it with something afterwards so it wouldn't rub off.

Now for the detail pieces. I made my door latches out of a small rectangle of thin card, some wire, and some fabric paint. First cut out the shape you want for the base of the latch.

Big DoorTo make the handle itself, I used thin wire wrapped around a drill bit. it doesn't have to be a drill bit, just something to give the right shape to your handle.

Big DoorNext, glue the handle down to the little piece of card. To make the connecting ring at the top of the handle, I used fabric paint. You know, the puffy stuff that comes in a squeeze bottle. Just put a line of it in the place indicated by the yellow. NO, DO NOT USE YELLOW FABRIC PAINT! Use black or silver if you can. You're going to paint it, but still, if the paint ever rubs off you don't want people to notice it.

Big DoorFor the hinges just cut a few stips out of thin card and put dots of fabric paint on them. Then just paint the hardware black, and you're ready to go.

I added a "stone" border to the outside of mine, but I don't think it looks very good, I used card the was too thin. You can make a single door using the same method, just don't cut it in half and use one handle instead of two. The door doesn't have to be arched either, you could have a rectangular one or a heart or a star or...well, you get the idea.

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