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Plants From Twist Ties

Plants From Twist TiesPhranc posted an idea on the forum for making corn plants from twist ties: those paper strips with a wire through the middle that are used to tie up polythene bags.

Phranc explains: I started by twisting two ties together. After cutting to length, leaving some not twisted at the top which I then folded over to make the leaves, I glued one extra leaf to the middle. After that I made some cobs from modelling clay and glued them between the leaf and stalk. After painting everything a dark green I dry brushed with lighter shades and an extra light colour for the cobs, finally adding a yellow tip.

The picture shows Phranc's prototype and he says he feels that the cob it a little bit too big. We think it looks great and illustrates a very interesting technique which could be used to make many other types of plants.

It also occurs to us that if we were to sandwich lengths of wire between two sheets of thin paper to make our own wider versions of twist ties...

We look forward to seeing what YOU can do with it.

The picture below shows Phranc's production method from the initial twisting together of two ties (on the left) to a complete corn plant (on the right).

Plants From Twist Ties

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