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Hills From Sponge

Nathan Miller makes hills from upholstery type sponge foam. Not only are they cheap and easy to make, but they are also very easy to store and transport as you can just squash them into a bag or box!

Hills From Sponge

Construction is simple:

  1. Hills From SpongeCut out a rectangle of sponge foam and trim it to the shape of hill you would like.

  2. Bevel the edges with scissors.

  3. Spray with your base colour of choice and add patches of a darker colour to add interest.

Nathan uses his hills in conjunction with a painted sheet, perhaps the ideal accompaniment as it can also be folded for storage and transportation, and recommends that you find a cloth that matches the base colour of your hills (or choose a base colour that matches your cloth). You can then spray, or use a sponge to dab on patches of thinned paint, of your second colour.

Click here for further examples of painted sheet terrain.

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