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Alien Polyps

We don't get to see an awful lot of terrain for Tyranids or other alien species so these polyps by LuMi are a particularly welcome addition to the TerraGenesis archive.

Alien Polyps

Alien PolypsAn added bonus is that they are not especially difficult to make and are, for the most part, constructed from throw away materials. LuMi use the top part of fizzy drink bottles as indicated in the photo to the right. These were then distorted using heat to create the organic shapes.

It's a real simple process. I used a cigarette lighter, but a candle may be better. The heat goes upwards, so the plastic will curl in this way. You just have to move the plastic in the position you want. A bit of heat curls the plastic, but a long exposure will melt and burn it. Usually you can extinguish this controlled burning just by blowing. It would be wise however to assume that sooner or later one of them is going to catch fire and that nasty fumes are going to be given off whether they catch fire or not. Take precautions i.e. work outside, have a bucket of water handy (to plunge the piece into), and avoid inhaling any fumes. Wearing gloves is also advisable.

The image below shows the pieces after being given the heat treatment and a coat of white paint.

Alien Polyps

The next step was the construction of the bases. LuMi used old CDs with a layer of polystyrene foam attached. The foam was carved before the bodies of the polyps were attached. Note that the interior of the polyps, and the foam that would end up inside them, was painted a dark colour before being joined together.

Veins were added to the polyps using modelling clay: I made some clay 'ropes' and attached them directly onto the plastic, modelling them with the GW modelling tool to get that vein look.

Additional details were added to the base including airsoft bullets (a.k.a. BB gun ammo), and lengths of plastic drinking straws, whose ends were also given the heat treatment to make their openings more organic looking.

Sand was used for texturing the bases and all that was needed then was an appropriate paint job to make the Carnifex feel right at home.

Alien Polyps Alien Polyps

Incidentally, if you make some of these and find yourself wondering what to do with the bottom end of the fizzy drinks bottles, you might like to check out Phil Arkell's Alien Encampment.

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