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Photographing Terrain

Overlord's home studio.A lot has changed since Gary James wrote TerraGenesis' original article on photographing terrain back in 1999. At that time a decent digital camera was a rather expensive piece of kit and even then, its capabilities were laughable by today's standards. Today it is possible to buy a decent digital camera for a very modest sum while last year's models can be picked up at bargain prices on eBay. In the light of this, we thought it was probably about time to update our notes on photographing terrain and, to this end, we have created a number of new articles to deal with different aspects of the subject.

Please note that the intention here is not to give a detailed explanation of how to use any given camera or piece of image manipulation software, but rather to give some indication of what can be achieved and, in some cases, why we should try to achieve it.

Terrain Photography - The Basics

Terrain Photography - Correcting Images

Terrain Photography - Resizing & Storage

Terrain Photography - Special Effects

Terrain Photography - A Home Studio

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