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Rocks in a Box

Rocks in a BoxFinding space to store terrain is an issue for many people, especially those living with parents, in student accommodation, or below deck on sailing ships - where the phrase "no room to swing a cat" originated. Thus after creating his Temple City, Sergeant T set about making some rocky terrain and used the box that he intended to store it in as the starting point. As can be seen from the image to the right, the rocks fit very neatly into the storage box.

In order to cram as many rocks as possible into the box I started by cutting 4 rectangles (48cm x 39cm) of 1.5cm thick polystyrene and glued them on top of each other with PVA. The next step was planning and drawing the jigsaw pattern in such a way that different pieces could be combined in several ways. After cutting out the individual pieces with a small saw (a serrated knife works equally well, note: this is a rather messy process) I numbered each piece and drew its outline on the inside bottom of the box. This enables faster storage and there's less damage trying to make them fit into the box after a game. To store additional layers of rocks in the same box, simply cut sheets of cardboard to go between the layers and draw the rock patterns onto the sheets to assist with putting them away.

Rocks in a BoxFor a more natural looking rock, I used the saw and my fingers to remove pieces of polystyrene and roughen up the surface. The next problem to be solved was how to hide the very visible seams between the polystyrene sheets. I first tried to hide the seams by melting them together with the tip of a hot glue gun (without the glue) but this didn't work as the polystyrene tended to melt away from the seam and make it even bigger. Eventually I sealed the seams by covering them with PVA and fine sand.

In the images below we see the rocks in use on the gaming table where the fact that they have been constructed to fit neatly into a box is not at all apparent.

Rocks in a Box Rocks in a Box

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