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Birch Trees

Birch TreesWhile the lack of foliage will not appeal to everybody these trees work well on an autumn/winter themed table and have a the distinct advantage that they allow easy access to figures moving between them while gaming.

They are also really simple to make and cheap too; snitchythedog bought the fabric wrapped floral wire and floral tape from which they are made at Wal-Mart for a few cents.

The photo to the right demonstrates their ability to block lines of sight. They also look stunning when used (see final photo) with other, foliated, trees.

To make them:

Cut the fabric wrapped floral wire into lengths. Take a length of the floral tape and start wrapping the longest two or three wires from about 1/2 inch from the top. Wrap down about an inch and add a branch. Keep doing this for two thirds of the tree. Once at the bottom third do not add any more branches but wrap the tape to the end.

Birch Trees Birch Trees

Superglue the tape at the bottom of the tree to seal it. Then clip the end flat. Use a felt-tipped pen to make the black lines on the bark. Mix your putty of choice and attach to a base. Press the trees into the putty and superglue down. Texture, prime, paint and flock the base to match the rest of your table. Simple!

Birch Trees

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