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WarpgatesThese Jump Gates where made by Froggy the Great for our Found Items Competition.

The intended scale is 1:10000 through to about 1:50000, which covers the range of scales used in starship miniatures gaming and Froggy tells us that they work well with most of the fleets he has at the moment. It occurs to us however that the technique could be adapted to make postals or other devices for use with 28mm wargaming.

WarpgatesI created the first gate using the rim of a lid from a juice bottle, drywall anchors, and other various bits, all of which are things that any sane person would throw away if they found them on the floor or a shelf in the garage. This is where I found most of my parts. I cut the bottom out of the lid, then fastened drywall anchors around it at the compass points. Various greeblies were then added, and the whole thing was painted. The model is about 2" in diameter.

WarpgatesThe second jumpgate is made from the metal rim of a canning jar and more drywall anchors. Small rectangles of styrene were cut and arranged around the inside. The starfield is painted on clear plastic. and the base is a nail and sheetmetal disc. This second jumpgate has an outside diameter of 73mm.

The images below are composites showing the two jumpgates from various different angles.

Warpgates Warpgates

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