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Concrete Debris

Ariss sent us this picture of some 'concrete' rubble that he made:

Concrete Debris

We think it looks great but the best part is that it's really simple to make: it's just plaster with black paint mixed in!

The grey mixture is poured onto something like a sheet of polythene, so you can remove it easily when it's dried. When it is dry you can simply break it into pieces. Obviously the fact that the plaster is grey means that most of the work is done however it will benefit from being drybrushed with a lighter grey.

Piles could be glued together with hot glue, tacky glue or PVA however the easiest method is probably to mix up another batch of grey plaster and allow it to thicken a little before pouring it. You can then stick the ready made debris into and onto the blob while it's still wet.

We wondered whether a few pieces of wire, glued into holes in the edges to look like reinforcing bar might enhance the effect? You could also try embedding mesh into the wet plaster although this would mean that the dried plaster would need to be cut into pieces rather than simply broken. If anybody tries it, we'd like to see the pictures.

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