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Ruined Gothic Temple II

Ruined temple by Ronald van der GragtThis isn't the first, and is hardly likely to be the last, terrain piece that we've seen that uses Games Workshop's gothic ruin kit as the focal point. Indeed Gary James version has been on TerraGenesis for several years. What caught our eye about this one by Ronald van der Gragt (roon on the forum) is the way in which the basic GW kit has been made much grander with the use of a raised base. While Gary used a number of kits and other items to enhance his model, roon had done his with basic raw materials.


  1. Base: MDF wooden plate, about 40x30 cm

  2. Foundation: pink foam (the high density material)

  3. Tiles: plastic sheet, about 2mm thick.

  4. Rubble: aquarium stones/ decoration.

  5. Decoration on side foundation: cardboard

  6. Corners: GW Gothic ruins


I started with the pink foam, and cut it into the desired shape. Then I glued the GW parts onto the foam with PVA woodglue (the white stuff). Next I cut out the corner and craters on the foam, to make it look demolished before adding rubble made from aquarium stones of different sizes. I just toyed around with the sizes to make realistic piles, imagining where it would be after the walls were destroyed i.e. larger stones as base, and then add smaller ones getting away from the source. I put a few big ones here and there for realism.

The tiles were draw on the plastic sheet, and then a grid was drawn on it as well, copied by the GW dimensions. To carve the grid, I used a scriber borrowed from my brother, but if you are careful, a hobby knife may also work. (For alternative techniques see our article on paved floors.)

The tiles were then glued onto the base.

Ruined Gothic Temple II Ruined Gothic Temple II

The decoration on the sides of the base is made with strips of cardboard. I copied the curve from one of the GW ruins, and repeated it along the cardboard. It was then cut out and stuck on using pins to keep it in place while the glue dried.

After adding some more fine gravel, and some structure-paint on the cardboard and flat clean surfaces of the ruin to get the stony, concrete look, I sprayed the whole thing black, and after that some white from the top, to get some light difference on the surface.

Ruined Gothic Temple II


Ruined Gothic Temple IIWell, now I had a nice form, but just in a plain colour... what colours were right to fancy it up? I didn't want it to look all grey and dull in a dry-brushed colour. The entire ruin is drybrushed with an old rouge brush, yep that's a make-up brush.

Tiles: not dry-brushed per se, but more rough padding with paint. Scorched brown, then in a lesser stage Bestial Brown and finally Snake Bite Leather. Some corners and random parts were done with a pad of Catachan Green. Just put the desired paint on a rough (old) brush, and stab the surface with it. This gives a rough look.

Walls: Dry brush all with Scorched brown. Then lighter with Snakebite leather and Bestial brown. Some parts (random and lower parts) were padded with Catachan green. The green gives it an abandoned look. Then last the greys were brushed over the walls. Don't be scared to miss some parts with the paint, as this gives it a natural weathering. Last the upper parts and corners were brushed with Bleached bone.

The rest was quickly brushed with Fortress Grey to make the texture stand out more.

Ruined Gothic Temple II

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