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The Counts Crypt

The Counts CryptCount Bartholomew B. Quarantine serves as the gatekeeper of the hell mouth. Those souls wishing to escape the depths of the underworld havea fight on their hands if they wish to pass him. He has the ability to wield fire and withstand the unfathomable heat of his lava lair.

Littlemonk tells us that this is only her second terrain piece and is in fact the first that she's actually completed. While not being the height of technical perfect it does employ some rather interesting techniques and colours to create a very inspiring piece with strong visual impact.

Littlemonk began by playing about with some plaster bricks; cast from Hirst Arts Fieldstone moulds to create a design for the crypt itself.

The Counts Crypt The Counts Crypt

The Counts CryptThe image above right shows one of the test colour schemes. Originally, I was going to just make a simple graveyard scene. However in the above test I tried for a lava rock effect, as if the building itself was unsafe to be near. It set me thinking that I'd have the crypt look as if it's just emerged from the depths of the earth, with lava and lava rock jutting out all around it.

The image to the left shows the much hotter looking final colour scheme for the crypt as well as the beginnings of the base. The base is of course a piece of Styrofoam with a carved edge. The jagged rocks are foamcore with a coating of spackle.

More spackle was added before the rocky base was painted black and drybrushed with grey. I then poured plaster into the central area to create the flowing lava. The images below show the piece after the first pouring however a second pouring was done after this had set in order to get a more dramatic effect. The image below right also shows the crypt with the removable roof in place.

The Counts Crypt The Counts Crypt

The Counts CryptAlthough it is finished in the picture above, the image to the left shows the roof part way through construction. An earlier image shows the basic structure and in the image to the left I had begun to add strips of tiles, cut from cardstock to look like dragon scales. A few more rows were added to the top and the front and back edges were then trimmed to shape as can be seen in the image below.

Finally the poured plaster was painted in red, orange and yellow).

The emblem above the door came from a bits box at GenCon Indy 2007. I'm not exactly sure what is.

The Counts Crypt

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