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Abyssal Audience Hall

by dragonflies7033

Abyssal Audience HallThis is Vrock. In his realm, he is a minor demon, but to my PCs (player characters) he is a major pain. He is a dangerous opportunist, plays extra dirty, and always finds the most inappropriate times to show up. Any time the PCs are in dire peril, he pops in with some way to make things so much worse.

Abyssal Audience HallUsing ancient true name magic, my players have the opportunity to locate Vrock's audience hall deep in the abyss. They can finally take the fight to him, and end the conflict once and for all. His abyssal lair is a terrible place. Hot, toxic, and barren, his audience hall is a twisted temple, open to the red burning sky, in the middle of a great nothing. At it's center, a throne of bone upon which he conducts his many dark dealings with his scores of wretched underlings. Only a demon could be comfortable here.

The image below shows the main pieces cut roughly to shape. I used super-tight bead foam that's almost as hard as wood, and while this meant that I had a real hard time cutting and melting it, it was strong enough that I didn't need to reinforce anything.

Abyssal Audience Hall

The 4 posts are meant to look a little like claws, or femurs, and they are each a little different so I have asymmetry going on too. The base isn't uniform either. At this stage I hadn't decided whether to paint it black over red for a lava look, or red over black for a rotting meat look. Decisions, decisions.

The image below shows it after carving with a mini to give some idea of the scale:

Abyssal Audience Hall

I rounded off all the hard corners, melted a pentagonal pattern onto the floor in the center, carved out some deep cracks on the sides, and melted a staircase on the front. All of this was done with a wood burner (pyrography tool).

Abyssal Audience Hall

The center of gravity allows more than half of the piece to appear to be suspended. The 2 claws in the back do not touch the ground, so that's all open air back there. There is also a crawl tunnel that goes underneath it all the way through, but it's hard to see in that pic.

Abyssal Audience HallVrock has wings so I wanted to make the throne like a perch. The back half is suspended and open to the air like the audience hall, so I am keeping a theme here.

The throne is a twisted wire frame that I bent into a chair shape. The seat is 4 pairs of ribs, and I gave the back a nice spinal curve shape. I used hot glue to stick it to a base made from a cut up credit card. I dropped triangular craft beads into the 'neck' of the frame one at a time with a bead of hot glue in between to keep them in place. The skulls are crafted from Sculpey. Abyssal Audience Hall I drilled holes in the bottom after they are baked to attach them to the top of the vertebrae, and the 2 posts in front which are toothpicks held up by hot glue. Then I fattened up the ribs by slowly running lines of hot glue along them. Then I covered it with a base coat of black primer before drybrushing. I find it's easier to start dark and build up lighter layers.

The rest of the piece was then given an overall coat of red paint. This was followed by black but with plenty of red left showing, to give it that cooling lava look.

Finally The veins on the 'claws' are drawn on with hot glue, and painted with a slightly different red so they don't look like the cracks.

Abyssal Audience Hall Abyssal Audience Hall

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