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Cave Tomb

Cave TombMaenoferren's tomb, cave, home in the hills stuck us a particularly useful piece of terrain. Firstly, as we've already pointed out, it could be employed in a number of rolls depending on what is placed inside. Secondly, it can be employed, and looks just as good, with or without the roof in place. Finally, because it has lots of flat places for figures to stand. It also has to be said that the techniques used to make it are simple enough that this would make an ideal project for a beginner.

The basic shape is polystyrene foam cut with a hot melt cutter (although you could just as easily use a knife), and shaped. The foam is mounted on a base made from two layers of corrugated cardboard, glued together at 90 degrees to each other to prevent warping. I used wood filler to seal around the edges - this was quite thick and causes little distortion. The floor tiles are squares of thin card. The roof is held in place by three blue plastic pins as you can see in the photo below.

Cave Tomb Cave Tomb

The whole thing was painted with PVA and poster paint as an undercoat - my chaotic life meant that I couldn't find the textured paint I'd bought. It's not something I recommend as it took about 3 coats to cover the polystyrene and even then it kept coming off. Next time will find the textured paint however long it takes.

The rock faces and interior were then painted, again with poster paints and then flock was applied to all of the flat exterior areas.

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