Barricaded Ruins

Created by exigent for our Hasty Fortifications Competition.

After gluing down a foam sheet to a thin MDF base, I then glued down the wall sections where I wanted them. After this, I textured the wall with sand, and then the floor. The floor had some larger pieces of gravel glued down. I decided to just use plaster of paris for all of the barricades. I plopped some of it down, and then stuck the various items in. A combination of hot glue and plaster of paris was used. For the sandbags, I used DAS air drying clay. I rolled them into sausages, flattened them just a bit, then pressed a tool into them part way to give the appearance of separate sandbags. Finally, I cut a seam into the side of the roll of sandbags. Then, simply glue them into place. After all this was done, I made large puddles of glue on the floor, and sprinkled chunks of broken plaster. It was all given an undercoat with latex black spray paint, and drybrushed with greys. The wood on the barricades was painted wood brown, and drybrushed with tan. The sandbags had some pva glue put on, and then a light sprinkle of sand, for texture. They were painted with a muddy brown color, and then drybrushed with a light tan-cream color. The "hologram screen" is just a piece of painted balsa wood with graphics printed out from this site. The laser cannon was a little toy rocket launcher that I ripped the trigger off of, and then added another toy rocket launcher.


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