Jedi Hovel

Created by dragonflies7033 and came 2nd in our our Dwellings Competition.

The hovel is 3 separate pieces: the base, the secret room, and the top.

The base is foamcore, with a thin sheet of white foam on top. Most of the house is elevated with a 3/4 moon shaped layer of foamcore so I could do a sunken living room effect. This also gives the entrance to the secret tunnel a step down. The secret rooms were cut out of the foam so it has a crappy concrete look. Internal walls are made from scraps of the foamcore. Then I added a layer of cardboard so I could remove the secret roof that reveals the tech room.

The stones are real rocks while the crops and trees are plastic wreath parts stripped off the center branch and stuck into holes. The furnishings are done mostly with scrapped model parts.

For further pictures and information, particularly about the furnishings, please check out the Jedi Hovel article in our archives.


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