Exigent99's Lava Flow

Created by exigent99 for our Obstacles Competition.

When I heard "Obstacles" I thought lava. After all, there's not much of anything more 'obstacley' than a good hot lava flow, right!

I had been wanting to try my hand at some lava terrain, as I had never done it before, and it seemed like a good technique to learn and file away for future reference. So, I decided to just do a small display piece to learn the technique.

The piece started out as a plain old hunk of packing grade styrofoam. The base is very straight forward, just a picture frame spray-painted matte black. After drawing a few plans and such on the styrofoam, I just took a knife to it and carved it out. The hard ground areas had some plaster of paris applied and then some texturing added by dabbing it around a bit.

The lava is a mixture of sand, water, wood glue, and a small amount of plaster of paris, plus a little bit of gravel. All that was mixed up and spooned on. I used a rock to add texture to the whole mixture when it was almost set up. The rocks in the middle are some chunks of broken up mortar and plaster of paris.

In the future, I would try a different technique, as the whole mixture ended up separating from the styrofoam beneath, and it didn't work that great. In hindsight, about all you need is some way to get a flowing lava texture, and there should be plenty of ways to do that.

The lava was painted with a bright orange base coat and cadium yellow wash, followed by a few drybrushes ranging from darker orange to reds to black.



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