Sci-Fi Cargo Bay

Created by AndySlater and came 3rd in our our Shipping & Receiving Competition.

The side walls are made from pieces of polystyrene packing material while the floor is a sheet of 3mm MDF with tiles made from cereal packet card. These were not individually cut but were simply drawn on with a ball pen to make an indentation in the card prior to painting.

The back wall and ceiling are from an old laptop computer. The ceiling also uses a sheet of granny grating above the metal computer parts to diffuse light entering the piece.

Parts from the computer were used for detailing along with casts from Hirst Arts moulds, bits of 1:76 scale tanks, and other oddments from the ol' bits box. The trucks were made largely from plastic packaging from pairs of ear rings.

The terrain is for use with EscapePath rules and is meant to represent the kind of place you might dock on an asteroid in Oolite, sell some booze, pick up some cheap mineral ores, and refuel. The look of the model is largely inspired by the shape of my raw materials with a smattering of Star Wars and Space 1999 styling.

The computer console on the back wall (see the last of the images below) was made up from plastic parts and a graphic compiled from various elements including trading screens from Oolite. The graphic on the vending machine (2nd to last image) is a picture of a real vending machine turned on it's side. Both graphics were printed on an inkjet printer.



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