Created by Myrgard and came 2nd in our our Rocks Competition.

For this competition we had to put the focus on unworked exposed rock, one of the most characteristic kinds of shaped rock I have seen are the organ-like basalt crystals.

This piece is a ancient volcano shaft that has filled up and hardened then eroded the outside away over the ages revealing the basalt from within the core, Basalt is usually very dense and leaves little room for growth as you can see on some areas left devoid of plant life.
Though a drake found it a good place to nest, high enough from predators yet still sheltered from wind, and a natural basin of rainwater collected at the bottom.
Its purpose on the battle field is an obstacle that impedes line of sight.

This entire model is 12cm (+-4¾'') at its peak, the base is 19cm(+-7½'') over the longest area, basic shape was made by toilet paper rolls on a foam base,
the hexagon shaped basalt crystals are all individually carved from sheet foam with a hobby knife, the hill was formed with paper-mache like filler, as were any dirt-like areas,
the tree is made from Wire, PVA with sand, reindeer moss and flock. also used static grass, green foam, aquarium plants and string for greenery and the nest, the egg was a dried up blob of foam I found, gave it a shine with varnish
Water has been made with GW water effect.

Scatter is a combination of sand, decorative rocks and poppy seeds.

The painting scheme on the stone is dark gray and drybrushed with lighter shades, soil is havanna brown highlighted with terra.



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