Movable Sci-Fi Bridge Tower

Created by Alabastero and came 3rd in our our Over/Under Competition.

The idea behind this tower was the flexible use of walkways in several hights in a sci-fi skirmish game like Infinity. Centerpeace of a future walkway-system should be this bridge tower.

The walkways are 360° movable and can be controlled in game by the basement building or a nearby hacker. It's aprx. 18" high.

The base was cut out of sturdy thick pressboard. The core of the structure is a metal winding pole hold by two brackets. Around the brackets I built the basement building out of styrodur, you can see the fixation screws on the back of the building.

The walkways are made of metal, they hold by two screws on the pole. On the walkways I glued card, then a diamond-shaped net called tulle and then card again.

The upper tower is made of a plastic tube cut into pieces. For the rivets I used false diamonds in high quantitity (real ones would have been too expensive).

The doors are scratch build and base on a printable sci-fi door by Stone Edges, where I just left over the middle part with the hazard stripes. The other hazard stripes on the walkways and the signs are printed as well.

I learned a lot by building this thing and feel prepared to do more walkways - I just fear the million rivets to come...



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