Medieval Dice Tower

Created by Alabastero and came 1st in our our Masonry Competition.

I built a dice tower for a fantasy or medieval setting in 28mm scale. You can throw in up to 4 dice at a time - the rest is up the ghosts of the tower...

The whole tower measures roughly 10" height and the base at the longest point 8". The base is cut out of polystyrene foam which was left over - that explains the weird shape. I cut out the frontyard which was than planed by a fill of plaster.

The tower itself was build around a plastic tube. Inside I glued two planks of polystyrene foam to let the dice roll. Outside I used thin polystyrene foam where I drew the stone structure with a pencil on it.

The top is as well polystyrene board planked with balsa wood. The trapdoor can be closed or opened as I used a hinge.

After the paint job I added static grass and a tree. I decided not to use a flag or something like this to leave the tower as generic as possible.

And now - alea iacta est...



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