Stan's Previously Owned Coffins Shop

Created by Alabastero and came 1st in our our Places of Trade Competition.

What started as a normal caribbean shop for Freebooters Fate ended as a tribute to the great adventure game Monkey Island 2: a shop selling previously owned coffins. The whole complex with the house and the garden has 8 x 6" base size and is suitable for 25-30 mm miniatures.

I used 2 seperate bases of 0.3" MDF, each 4x6". The walls were built of 2 layers of foamboard used for insulation where I glued a grid for rabbit fences as the windows in between. The frame of the doors, the windows and the floor were built of very thin balsa wood. For the roof I used corrugated paper cut into stripes.

Inside the shop I built shelves for the urnes. The urnes are small wooden pearls for necklaces with some greenstuff added. The coffins are built with balsa wood and thicker foamboard. The black coffin is part of the old vampire black coach. The signs are printed and framed with balsa wood.

In the garden I used pretty much the same techniques and some bits of my bits-box. The old tree is built of wire with green stuff bent around it.

If you wonder about the hard edges of the base. I want to build a whole table and leave space for the buildings to fit in. So in the end the buildings should have the same level as the surrounding table.

It was lots of fun to build the thing. I love black humor and this was a good possibility to put lots of it into terrain.



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