Welcome to the Jungle

Created by Alabastero for our Anything Goes Competition.

This is a modular jungle on 24 regular cd-bases for Freebooters Fate (which is 28-30mm) including a small cannibal village with a fireplace for cooking issues. The jungle could be denser, but I wanted the bases still to be accessible for miniatures.

What materials did I use? First of all cd-bases. Second all sort of plastic flowers from 1$-Stores (1Euro-Stores around here), pet shops and the internet. Third some hirstart stones and polystyrol for the rock formations and the ruins. Fourth lots of iceland moss to get more biomass.

The palm trees are made from small fake bouquets. I used the stipe as the trunk, the silk leaves for palm leaves when cut out and bound string round the upper part of the trunk.

The huts are coconut halves garnished with some gw bits I had laying around here. For the ground I used sand, small stones and static grass.

Sorry for the bad pictures, but I will be away for the next two days. Over all I'm very satisfied with the look of the jungle. It lacks some trees (do six palms count as a jungle?) but for a caribbean jungle I think it's ok.



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