Caribbean Lighthouse

Created by Alabastero for our Lighting Effects Competition.

This is a lighthouse for Freebooters Fate - a pirate skirmishing game in a fictional 17-18th century with some fictional elements in a Caribbean setting. Its base size is 20x30cm without the footbridge. The scale is for 28-32mm figures.

I started with an MDF base glued on 20mm thick polystyrene. On the base I glued an additional layer of 20mm polystyrene to give the buildings and the sea wall some height above the sea level.

The buildings and the walls are built out of thin polystyrene. The tower is a sewage plastic tube. I covered all the buildings with instant spackle. The stones on the seawall are carved in with a pencil. The rock formation is cork.

All the wooden planks, the doors and the windows are built out of balsa wood. For the light chamber I used the hull of a normal tealight were the LED-tealight fitted perfectly in. Above this I used the two blindings of another sewage tube and put metal rods for the vertical bars. The round roof is the bottom of a polystyrene Easter egg.

The palm is made out of fake bouquets. The plastic stipe is the trunk, the fake leaves are cut out and glued around the trunk. Finally the place where the leaves are glued to the trunk is bent with sisal rope. The rest of the flowers are fake plastic flowers from several 1-Euro-Stores.

The light flickers in the darkness, which is difficult to show on the pictures. In the darkness it is pretty bright, so I think one could see it from miles away. :-)



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