Pimp my lego kit - Pirate Ship

Created by Alabastero for our In Motion Competition.

This piece of terrain is a pirate ship for the pirate game Freebooters Fate. It's based on a megabloks (a lego clone from canada) kit. Its length and height is approximatly 60cm/24".

In the first pictures of the WIP-Thread you can see the original piece where I started. I drilled all the studs with a dremel and glued balsa planks on the surface.

The next step was a complete paintjob with acrylic paint, mainly all sorts of brown with a sepia and black wash.

Then I attached the sails to the yard. The sails are cheap cotton cloth from ikea bound to the yard like an accordion. All the ropes are made of simple natural thread.

In the last step I made hundreds of knots to get all the different ropes and the shrouds. The shrouds are fixed on the bottom with the wheels of curtain brackets and rubber bands.

Regarding the criteria there are several moving parts of this piece: the sails, the wheel, the door to the cargo bay and the hatches to the cannons.

And it floats! I couldn't take pictures of the ship floating but I will put them in the WIP-thread as soon as possible.



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