Italian Village - 15 mm

Created by Alabastero for our Transportation Competition.

This is a piece of terrain I always wanted to build since I saw an image of an Italian village on a hill top in one of the campaign books for our game system. It represents a tiny village somewhere in Italy. As time goes by slowly in Italy it could be used for any gaming period from renaissance to modern era.

The scale is 15mm (1:100) and its base size is apprx. 30x40cm. The overall hight is around 25 cm (top of the church). The church is removable for storage and transportation issues. The roofs are removable for putting miniatures inside the buildings.

I started with two layers of pink foam cut to shape for the hill. In the next step I built the houses and walls out of black foamcore and laid the ground for the narrow roads. Then I built the roofs with corrugated paper cut to stripes.

For the windows and doors I used a special technique: First I built some masterpieces out of balsa wood and cardboard. Then I used InstaMold to make molds of the masters. Afterall I casted more than 15 doors and 30 windows out of Keramit, a very sturdy ceramic material. After drying I painted them black, brown, light brown and gave them a final black wash. The glasses were painted black and finally coated with gloss varnish.

The church windows are different: just cardboard for the frames and granny grating for the interiour.

The rest you can see on the pictures: sand, grass and lots of bushes and scrub. If I had more time, I' construct olive trees, but that's another story.



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