Toxic Waste Pool

Created by Alabastero and came 1st in our our Funky Junk Competition.

This is a toxic waste pool for a 40K/Infinity-Board. The base size is 30cm x 40 cm and the scale is 28mm.

I used several pieces of junk which I collected during the last years of model building.

The pool is a former kids fishing game where I added the outer struts and a walkway. The inside of the pool I painted with several shades of green and brown. After drying I poured in some model water. The dropping liquid is made with a hot-melt gun and painted as well. The metal effect on the catwalk is achieved by glueing diamond shaped tulle on the polystyrene.

The building is composed of a power supply, styrofoam, half of a milk can, and a plastic grid glued on an old cd cover. The roof consists of plastic card and granny grating. The generator on the roof is built out of two halves of a chewing gum packaging and half of a toilet paper roll.
Inside the building you can find two generators which I found at work.
The ventilators on the side of the building are one cpu-fan and parts of a milk frother. The rivets are fake diamonds.

This time I had a very effective approach: I first painted everything, then glued it. This is the order of paint: black spray, silver spray, black wash, sepia wash, highlights with copper and silver.

If I had more time (leaving for holidays) I would print out some hazardous waste signs and add some more scrub around the building, but so I'll leave this open for the WIP-Section.



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