Bocage - Hedges - 15mm

Created by Alabastero and came 2nd in our our Horizontal Stacking Competition.

For this competition I was building 20 elements of bocage hedges mainly found in northern France. Each section is 20cm long and 4-5 cm wide. They are built for 15mm miniatures but could serve as well for 1/72 scale.

How did I build this? I started with 10mm strong balsa wood. I cut the edges to get a sloped edge. On the balsa wood I mixed small stones found outside with a clay like material called Plastifoam. It's very light but strong.

After base coating everything brown I painted the stones with grey and highlighted with light grey and white.

The next step was gluing different kinds of static grass on the sides. In the last step I glued clump flock as bushes onto the stone bed.

I'm sad to cover all the nice looking rocky areas, but I wanted bocage so I needed lots of bushes.

The trees and the tanks are not part of this competition entry - they are just for decoration.



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