Lizardmen Spawning Pool

Created by TheDreamer for our Holy Places Competition.

This little terrain piece is based on the Lizardmen realm from the Games Workshop Warhammer universe. It represents a sacred place to the lizards - the place where they go to mate. The scale is 28mm or 1/56th.

It is a shallow pool with arches that represent the entrances to the pool. Being in a jungle environment it is surrounded by various plants.

The size of the piece is about 12cm each side and a similar height. It is made from foam board.

To create the foliage I have used a variety of different ways - the fern like plant is made from wood shavings coated in green pva, the flower has paper petals embedded in "no more nails", with blue washes repeatedly applied to try to create the petal like appearance.

The water lillies are simply green painted paper cut out with a hole punch and laid on the static water, I've put them in at different layers to try to create an illusion of depth.

The two vines are wire entwined about the columns - one has petals made from putty, the other covered in foliage clumps. The large stumpy bush on one side is putty around a metal frame with leaves cut from green painted paper. I've tried to detail veins on there, but not too successfully.

Around the pool I've added more vegetation with algae patches etc which I think you'd find given that a jungle is hot and steamy. Most of the leaves have been gloss varnished to create a shiny affect.



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