Tyranid Hive Nodes and Acid Pools

Created by TheDreamer and came 2nd in our our Across Impassable Terrain Competition.

This terrain piece represents a world ravaged by the Tyranids. All resistance to the invasion has been wiped out. It shows just a small section of a massive area that is completely dominated by hive nodes, tendrils, acid digestion pools etc. Any survivor trying to traverse the area will have to use the pipe line as the safest route.

The landscape is simply plaster with limpet shells embedded in it to represent the hive nodes. The pipeline is copper water pipe. The building is made from foam board and the gas tank is made from a deodorant can.

I've used "still water" affects for the acid pools, with layers of colour washes added to represent the decomposition of biological matter in the pools. Only metal and other hard to digest material (eg car tyres) exists, all biological material has long gone.

There are various tyranids within the landscape, spore mines emerging from the nodes, and others lying in wait ready for prey.

All the metal parts are shown with extensive rust as you would expect in a highly corrosive atmosphere. The rust has been dulled with a black wash. The muddy landscape was coloured with various shades of "umber" artists' acrylic. Washes of greens, rusts etc were then applied liberally. The tendrils are modelling putty. I've coloured the tyranids green with a tint of red to distinguish them from the muddy landscape.



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