Dangerous Jungle Terrain

Created by TheDreamer for our Dangerous Terrain Competition.

This is my entry for the Dangerous Terrain competition. Not as extensive as I had originally planned as I've run out of time (other jobs to do!) but I've tried to give a variety of different dangers. There's grenades strung between two trees with a trip wire in between. A pit of quick sand with a skeletal arm sticking out holding a broken vine - a vain attempt to escape. A pit of sharpened sticks, ready to spear the unwary, one has already died. Finally a rocky outcrop with a couple of snakes sunbathing.

Each is based on foam board and plaster as the ground. The trees were made of twisted wire with layers of acrylic built up for the bark, tree foliage was for the leaves.

The leaf litter was a mixture of chopped hay, green tea and mint leaves. There is also a scattering of silver birch seeds as well.

Bushes were made out of a variety of different materials - garden string, bristles from the wife's broom (don't tell her!) and plastic sprue with the leaves cut into it with a knife. Also lichens.

The snakes were made from DAS modelling clay. They are sat on tree bark, representing the rocks. The stakes were simply cocktail sticks. The skeletons are GW skeleton warrior bits.

The scale of these pieces is supposed to be roughly 28mm scale and each is around 4 inches across.



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