Skull Rock Temple

Created by Alabastero and came 1st in our our Centrepiece Competition.

This piece of terrain was designed to be a true centerpiece of a jungle table. The scale of this piece is 28-30mm.

A year ago I bought a skull in a 1-Euro-Shop. For this project I wanted to use the skull as part of a rock formation and to be the entrance to the ruins of an old jungle temple. I had to cut the lower jaw to make an entrance to the cave tunnel.

After glueing the skull to the base I used several layers of foam to build the base of the temple and the rock formation. After this I used air drying clay to build up the rocky parts. To have a more realistic rock surface, I used a pencil to carve horizontal lines in it.

The temple itself was build up of foam, in which I cut the structure of giant stone blocks and stone slabs with a hobby knife.

The trees were made out of a skeleton of wire surrounded by air drying clay. The treetop was made out of aquarium filter wool and some foliage. If I had more time I'd at some more lianas and things hanging from the trees to give it a more jungly look, but for the moment it has to stay like this. The trees are removable for storage and playability. You can see the cracks in the pictures.

As a last step I used aquarium plants from my last jungle project and put them arround the building.


Keywords: bonesS jungleS shrinesS

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