Ork Tower

Created by TheDreamer for our Finishing Moves Competition.

This is an Ork Tower for any W40K game. It stands about 15 inches high and about 12 inches across the widest point. It features 3 main pylons holding up 3 platforms with a deffcopter landing pad on top. The landing pad also features a fuel drum with a leaky hose pipe.

Each platform is made up of rusty metal plates welded together. The whole structure is rusted through and liable to fall at any time (good cover story for my poor engineering skills).

The model is made up of plastic struts, H beams, solid beams and scraps of plastic card. The base is plaster covered with sand stuck on with PVA glue. The stakes are cocktail sticks. The rust colour is made up of various combinations of rust weathering powders, crushed pastel sticks, and "rust" paint from Revell, Tamiya etc. I've used washes to try to get an affect of rust streaks. Fuel spills are created by using brown inks floating on the oil based fuel coloured washes by "AK".

I have not had the time to add the details such as Ork decals, the idea of fuel spilling over the edge of the landing pad into a fire etc fell by the wayside in the rush to get finished.



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