Open Sided Shed ... in the Swamp

Created by Thumper and came 1st in our our Weather It Competition.

Open Sided Shed ... in the Swamp was created for use in 25 - 28mm games. It is based on a 5" x 7" piece of hardboard and stands 3" tall.

The main structure consists of a re-purposed bath tile low wall, 1/4" basswood uprights and clad in aluminum cans that were put through a paper crimper. The cladding was "rusted" using dark brown, deep red, mid red and orange acrylic paints. The wooden part of the structure was given a sepia ink wash to give it a wet look to match the location.

The inside was filled with tarp covered boxes (napkin + wooden blocks), tarp covered engine on blocks, resin cast barrels and tire (from molds I created), jewelry chain and other odds and ends from the bits box.

Basing consists of an initial layer of coffee grounds followed by a layer of ground foam flocking and a final layer of static grass patches. Tall grasses were then added in bundles to complete the look.


Keywords: metalworkS rustS shacksS weatheringS

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